Mix It Up a Notch: Moss Green Peter Pan

In 2014 Annika of Pineneedle Collective (now the blog’s inactive) held a clothes sale of some sort. This dress was one of the items she had for sale. The purchasing journey was so complicated, because for some reason the postal service delivered it 2 months after I purchased it—even from Australia to Germany it shouldn’t take that long—so much so that Annika already refunded my money—which I returned, of course. She clearly stated that the dress wasn’t perfect—there were some non-apparent stains on certain areas—but the collar and the silhouette are just too cute to pass on.

I especially love the detail on the back—with two flapping parts complimenting each other, resembling some kind of wings—and the lightweight skirt that flows so easily and is actually much bigger than it looks, enabling me to move whichever way I like. It’s currently quite tight on me, so I’m not keen on putting it on more often, but I’ll definitely try to lose more grams and fit snuggly into it again.

thanks for reading