Mix It Up a Notch: Graphic Tees

Bringing you a doozy of a remix post this month, featuring the most beloved—and abundant items—in my wardrobe: graphic t-shirts. Since before I even knew what fashion was, I’ve been collecting graphic t-shirts like crazy. The more relatable the graphic—be them illustrations, paintings or typography—the more I like them. Before, though, I used to buy them in much too large sizes, so they never make it to the blog.

The ones that make it to the blog are mostly acquired through Threadless—although I’m not sure they’re ethical. The only ethical t-shirt I own comes from armedangels—it was a welcoming gift from WWF Jugend, although there’s also an organic one from DeviantWEAR (now closed) that I ordered during Earth Day. There are also some that I thrifted here and there—although a select few. Otherwise, I really just purchase ones I can see myself gravitating towards for very, very long.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really see a lot of bloggers wearing t-shirts—and I still don’t. I guess unless it’s a plain white T, tees are not regarded as fashion (?), so I’ve always had my doubts about sporting them on the blog—and I still very rarely do, apparently. I think the problem lies in the fact that most people only think of jeans/shorts when they think of t-shirts.

But, as you can see above, there are countless of ways to rock a t-shirt—particularly graphic ones. Not only are they a treat for the eyes—with statement graphics and words—but they are extremely versatile. They can even be sported in various weathers and seasons, easily paired with jackets and shorts. Because they are practical and extremely easy to wear, they are also extremely easy to match and mix with other clothing items. The best part is they can be an incredible lifesaver during lazy days, to make us still look effortlessly presentable.