Mix It Up a Notch: Floral Button-Down

Although originally it belongs to my sister, I’ve worn this shirt more times than she has—probably in her whole life. It looks very retro, although I think she actually bought it from a local retail store. I myself don’t own a lot of floral items—maybe one top or two—but I really love the pattern on this one, which feels rather 70s. The cut of the shirt, with the long sleeves complete with actual cuffs, is really classic and absolutely adds a lot of class to an outfit. But the floral patterns bring a certain whimsy to it as well, allowing a bit of personality to peek out—not completely devoid of emotions and formal, you know. As you can see, I often wear it with skirts—but I think that’s more because I prefer to dress up in skirts than pants—but I do wish to wear it with more pants or shorts or non-skirt bottoms. Maybe bell-bottoms or baggy pants would be nice. What do you think?

thanks for reading