Mix It Up a Notch: Butterfly Print Chiffon

It was August 2012 when I went on a date with my sister—after not seeing each other for over a year—and we kind of broke the bank by going on a little shopping spree. This top was one of things we both purchased—yes, she has the twin version of it. In hindsight, I don’t really understand why I snatched this top. Aside from the prints—and splashes of colour—this top just doesn’t seem very versatile for my wardrobe. You can see that from these six outfits, spanning the length of almost 5 years. I do find the ribbon detail at the back to be very adorable—but apparently that’s not enough reason. It’s made of quite poor quality material, though, so I reckon it’ll break in a couple more wears. It’s actually already starting to tear in a few places right now. Unlike the previous times, I’m afraid I can’t promise I’ll keep wearing this one in the future.

thanks for reading