Mix It Up a Notch: Boyfriend’s Button-Down

It was love at first sight—the first time I saw Firu wearing this shirt, I was smitten. The navy colour, the vertical stripes, the breast pockets, the epaulette (?) and the loop holding the folded sleeves, complete with the buttons—they’re all magnificent. Needless to say, this was my favourite shirt of his. On Firu, the shirt looks very handsome and proper, but alas he had to grow out of it. Since I’ve been interested in styling boyfriend’s items, I asked him to give it to me instead—I think this was 2013.

I love seeing the contrast of masculinity the item offers with a number of various feminine pieces that I own—the blue skirt in particular is my favourite. It’s double precious because Firu’s had this shirt since around 2009-2010 and he’s worn it on a number of special occasions. In fact, the first two wears, I could still smell his scent on it—though now it’s dissipated.

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