Mix It Up a Notch: Book of Deer Shirt

For the longest time, I’ve been a huge admirer and fangirl of Book of Deer. When they released the Country Kitchen collection in 2015, I was instantly smitten. Unfortunately, at the time, the price was way more than what I could afford, so I was content with admiring from afar. Around a year afterwards, though, some leftovers from the collection were reduced more than half the original price and I found myself checking out of their online store. This is the piece that I picked—which was perfect because I’ve been eyeing it from the start anyway.

For the longest part, I believe that it would be the only piece from them that I’d buy…except when it arrived, it came with a great surprise in the shape of a quirky maroon skirt—also pictured above. To be honest, I absolutely love this top! It’s so adorable, so whimsical and incredibly comfortable. It unfortunately doesn’t fit me well at the moment, but for the most part it’s been rather a great piece of clothing. The collar, in particular, is my favourite. I’d love to wear it with more pants in the future.

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