Joe’s Superbowling Lounge

Spending Eidul Fitr in Germany isn’t as rad as all that. In fact, it kind of sucks. There’s no holy feel to the whole day and all we do is get together with some friends, eat whatever we have at home. Two years ago was my only experience of spending such a holy event in Germany but there were free, delicious food. This time I had to wrestle two whole chickens to make a Gulai and Opor out of them. I cooked them while waiting for Firu and his housemate to come home from Eidul prayer, Galuh helped me cook the rice. Then they came home, bringing Dunkin’ Donuts. Haha, that’s definitely not keeping with the theme! We ate the meal together then, just the four of us. It was kind of sad.

A little later that day, a few of our friends came over and we all hung out at home, eating this and that, laughing and playing. Later that evening, minus Firu’s housemate, we all went bowling at Joe’s Superbowling! It was my first experience bowling in Germany. We had such a blast! Galuh turned out to be very skilled at bowling…and I turned out to suck so bad, I should’ve just buried myself alive. Our friend, Bang Tian, won the whole match, though. He bowled two strikes in a row! The price was actually cheaper than back home and I would really love to have a go again. I’m seeing a rematch here since our friend, Dendi, seems to want to take it on with Bang Tian. Haha. Call me up if we’re playing again, guys!

Batik dress from Solo (gifted by Firu) // Galuh’s cardigan (borrowed) // vintage purse + penny loafers //
photos of me by Firu + Galuh

Haha, yeah, I know. Who wears a batik dress to go bowling, and a semi-formal-looking one at that? First of all, the bowling thing was a spur-of-the-moment idea. Second of all, it was Eidul Fitr! So wearing something a bit formal isn’t out of place. At least Dendi was also wearing batik so we looked like we were heading to a wedding instead of a bowling alley. Haha. But, really, I packed too light and didn’t bring anything in keeping with the Eidul Fitri theme so this was the most ‘appropriate’ ensemble I could come up with. Why am I even making an outfit post out of this again? I think it was Bang Tian who said that I lost (miserably) because I wore the wrong outfit to the alley. Hmm. Let’s see if that’s true. Next time I’m bringing something more fit for bowling and let’s rematch!

By the way, the outfit isn’t such a huge waste. The next day I put on the same outfit and went to Bochum with Firu and Galuh. We didn’t really have any destination except the Indonesian store “Pasar Asia” right by the University. It was a very, very short trip (probably even shorter or less eventful than our trip to Aachen) so I won’t be making a post out of it. But maybe next time when we have more of a footing of what we could check out there.

P.S: The last photo on the left is an almost everyday occurrence over at Firu and Visya’s household